Jameson Campaigne

President, Green Hill Publishers and Jameson Books

His father was editor-in-chief of the Indianapolis Star and Jameson spent some of his summers as a reporter and on the re-write desk before entering college. He was educated at Park School in Indianapolis, where in addition to much time spent on the athletic fields he was also editor of the school newspaper. The foundations of his interest in things political were cemented when he spent two summers interning on Capitol Hill for U.S. Congressman Donald Bruce, later a chairman of the American Conservative Union. Jameson graduated from Williams College in 1962, following four years of campus activism. In 1960 he was one of the founders, and later a long term board member, of Young Americans for Freedom, the first nationwide youth group of conservative activists.

After college Jameson worked at the Henry Regnery Company, book publishers, where he was the managing editor and published such distinguished authors as Frank Meyer, William F. Buckley, Jr., Russell Kirk, Willmoore Kendall, Phil Crane, Wilhelm Röpke, and others. His first national political campaign, in 1964, was on the staff of F. Clifton White for the election campaign of Barry Goldwater, followed by involvement in the 1968, 1976, and 1980 presidential campaigns of Ronald Reagan. He also was one of the four principal managers of the first congressional campaign of Phil Crane, later chairman of ACU, in 1969.

Subsequent to the presidential election of 1964 Jameson worked briefly for Field Enterprises, publisher of the Chicago Daily News and Chicago Sun-Times as a management trainee, and then with a partner purchased a newspaper publishing company with one daily and six weekly newspapers. Following the sale of his newspaper company, after sales and profits had grown five-fold, he became executive editor at the Open Court Publishing Company for several years, and then in 1975, founded Green Hill Publishers, and, in 1986, Jameson Books, both of which remain his primary business interest, producing, among others, more than fifteen million copies of conservative books. He is also a direct mail and newspaper consultant and a “rhetoric coach” for right-of-center candidates, communicators, and organizations.

In addition to his print vocation Jameson Campaigne’s avocation has been conservative politics and philosophy. The long list of institutions and organizations which he has served – the American Conservative Union board for forty-two years, member of the Mont Pelerin Society since 1971, former board member of Americans for Effective Law Enforcement, a current board member of the National Humanities Institute, and those of which he was a founding member and former board member such as the National Tax Limitation Committee, The Media Institute, and The Philadelphia Society – reflect his life-long interest in restoring American government to a state approximating the vision of our Nation’s Founders.

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November 7, 2018
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