Joseph G.S. Greenlee

Fellow, Constitutional studies and firearms policy, Millennial Policy Center

Joseph Greenlee, J.D., is also a policy advisor for legal affairs at The Heartland Institute.

He has authored five scholarly articles, including The Federal Circuits’ Second Amendment Doctrines (with David B. Kopel), Pennsylvania’s Expanded Castle Doctrine: An Annotated Tour of the First Five Years (with Jonathan Goldstein), History and Tradition in Modern Circuit Cases on the Second Amendment Rights of Young People (with David B. Kopel), Federal Circuit Second Amendment Developments 2017-2018 (with David B. Kopel), and The Second Amendment Rights of Young Adults (with David B. Kopel).     

Greenlee has authored dozens of short articles on the right to keep and bear arms. His work appears regularly in The Hill, and has also appeared in the Washington Times, Washington Post, and the Federalist Society’s blog, among others.

As part of his private practice, he has worked on, and submitted briefs in, several cases involving challenges under the Second Amendment and state constitutions. Greenlee is licensed in Colorado, Idaho, several federal courts of appeals, and the United States Supreme Court.

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