Kiminori Itoh

Professor, Yokohama National University

Dr. Kiminori Itoh earned his Ph.D. in Industrial Chemistry at the University of Tokyo in 1978. He is the author of the Japanese-language book Lies and Traps in the Global Warming Affair. Dr. Itoh’s biggest academic contribution is the development of optical waveguide spectroscopy for solid surfaces, for which he received awards from relevant academic societies.

From 1989 to present Dr. Itoh has been working at Yokohama National University, mostly in the field of environmental meteorology including optical biochemical sensing and theoretical as well as experimental biodiversity measurements. For instance, he recently developed extremely highly sensitive gas sensing systems and two-dimensional DNA electrophoresis methods.

His interest in the global warming issue started around 1995 when he was asked to deliver a lecture on environmental meteorology. He wondered why the effect of solar changes had been largely neglected by most climatologists, and felt it was dangerous that Japan was considering increased use of nuclear power plants to decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

Since then, Dr. Itoh has written (or participated in) four books on this issue. He also has a patent on sunspot number anticipation and contributed to the IPCC AR4 as an expert reviewer.