Michael D. Thomas

Assistant Professor, Economics and Finance, Creighton University

Thomas is a public choice economist who earned his degree from George Mason University in 2009. His research applies the economic way of thinking to the process of political decision-making, seeking to better understand the way decisions are made.

He has published manuscripts on transportation economics, political entrepreneurship, and tax policy in a variety of outlets including the following journals:¬† Kyklos, The Independent Review, The Journal of City and Town Management, Journal of Private Enterprise, and The Review of Austrian Economics. Michael’ss 2011 paper on Housing Choice was included in a Templeton award winning policy brief, “Enterprise Programs: Freeing Entrepreneurs to Provide Essential Services.”

Michael and his wife Diana Thomas are both economics professors who taught at Utah State University for five years before coming to Creighton in the Fall of 2014. While at USU, Michael earned the title of “Distinguished Professor of Honors Education.” He received a masters from the University of Missouri – St. Louis and a Bachelors of Science from the University of Alabama.

He is an avid college football fan.

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