Neal Schuerer

Executive Director, The Act 2 Reforms

Neal joined Act 2 on February 1, 2019.  He has a strong background in state-level politics and the private business sector:

§  Served two terms in the Iowa State Senate; elected assistant majority leader; chaired a number of committees and sub-committees; implemented performance budgeting best practices in all appropriation sub-committees; appointed by governor to several state task forces.

§  Served 4 years as District Director for US Congressman, managing his local office.

§  Executive Director of campaign seeking major party nomination for president.

§  Successful 20-year career in business included real estate sales and sales management; founded and managed a restaurant and convention center for the Amana Colonies of Iowa, which he sold; was Director of Operations for a chain of franchised restaurants.

§  In recent years, Neal has focused on government reform programs, and serves as:

o   Chair, Colorado Committee of Correspondence

o   Steering Committee, State Legislators Article V Caucus

o   Policy Expert, The Heartland Institute Center for Constitutional Reform

o   Commissioner, Balanced Budget Amendment Planning Convention

Neal will lead Act 2 in supporting the visionaries among state legislators that are working to call a convention of states to consider constitutional amendments pursuant to Article V of the Constitution. He will assist them in mobilizing the required number of states to call a Convention, and in making plans for it.

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