Sam Kazman

General Counsel, Competitive Enterprise Institute

SAM KAZMAN is general counsel of the Competitive Enterprise Institute, a free-market advocacy organization headquartered in Washington DC.

Mr. Kazman has long been involved in public interest litigation and policy analysis. He won a federal appeals court ruling that the U.S. Department of Transportation had illegally concealed the lethal effects of automotive fuel-efficiency mandate on traffic safety-a ruling that Cass Sunstein, former White House head of regulatory affairs, called “the principle case involving the issue of health-health tradeoffs”.  He also was involved in a 2010 Supreme Court case which overturned part of Sarbanes-Oxley as unconstitutional, and he is currently participating in court challenges to the Obamacare insurance exchange program and EPA attempts to avoid public disclosure of its records.

Mr. Kazman has published numerous op-eds in major paper and has appeared on a number of national news programs.