Sean Parnell

Research Fellow, Health Policy

Sean Parnell ([email protected]) is a research fellow for health policy at The Heartland Institute. Parnell is a public policy consultant with more than a decade of senior leadership experience in political campaigns, nonprofit organizations, and public policy advocacy. His positions have included campaign manager for Congressman Greg Ganske of Iowa, vice-president of external affairs at The Heartland Institute, and president at The Center for Competitive Politics. Since 2011 he has run his own consulting firm, Impact Policy Management LLC.

Parnell has done extensive work on health care, both at the policy and consumer levels. He is the author of The Self-Pay Patient: Affordable Healthcare Choices in the Age of Obamacare and runs the blog The Self-Pay Patient, and has written health policy papers for several think tanks. He also provides lobbying, fundraising, outreach, and strategic consulting services for a number of clients.

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