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A Legacy of Freedom

If preserving and expanding individual freedom in the future is important to you and if you want to be remembered for your commitment to this goal and ideal, please consider making a special gift to The Heartland Institute for our “Legacy of Freedom” campaign.

A special gift to Heartland can help ensure your values and ideas are promoted effectively for many years to come. The need to defend freedom is likely to be just as great tomorrow as it is today. Who will champion free enterprise and limited government in the years 2020, 2050, or 2100? Your generosity today can help ensure freedom will always be defended, even after you pass away.

Perhaps you want to honor a family member, friend, or person you’ve long admired? You can have his or her name placed somewhere where thousands of people will see it and take note. The Heartland Institute’s “Legacy of Freedom” campaign was created to help you advance your values and ideas well into the future. These gifts do more than just cover the cost of a specific publication or Heartland’s short-term operating costs, as important as those activities and needs are.

These special gifts create a lasting legacy, in your name or the name of someone you love or admire. They ensure freedom is defended now and long into the future.

Making a gift earmarked for our capital campaign will help pay for our new permanent home in Arlington Heights, Illinois, a beautiful building that can accommodate our growth, attract new supporters, and provide a safe and pleasant environment for our staff.

Endowing a center or a chair for a senior staff member, supporting a visiting scholar, or funding a speaker series or internship program can focus your philanthropy on a particular staff member, scholar, or audience. The visiting scholar and internship programs, for example, ensure college students are exposed to the best free-market thinkers in the nation, often building bonds that last a lifetime.

In each of these cases, you can choose to be recognized for your generosity by having your name appear in our new home, in news releases, or on publications. Endowing a chair or internship program will ensure your name appears in the resumes and biographies of scholars young and old for many years.

Finally, you can contribute to our new Endowment Fund created to ensure The Heartland Institute can continue its work well into the future, despite economic downturns or other challenges. Only the investment income from that account will be tapped to support the organization’s ongoing operations.

You can make a single charitable gift of cash or stock, make a multiple-year pledge, or make a planned gift that might also provide income to you or family members for many years to come.

Douglas Glick, Heartland’s planned giving advisor, and other investment professionals stand ready to give you and your financial advisors the information you need to produce significant tax savings.

Heartland’s “Legacy of Freedom” proposal describes these opportunities in some detail. If this may be of interest to you, please don’t hesitate to ask to see the full proposal.

Please contact James Taylor, president, or David Hoyt, executive director of development, at 312/377-4000 or [email protected] and [email protected].