AP Story on Gore Movie Misleading

Published June 28, 2006

Dear Editor:

An Associated Press story that ran in your paper on [date] was awfully misleading. It claimed the “nation’s top climate scientists” endorse Al Gore’s new movie on global warming. But the story also reports only 19 of the 100 climate scientists contacted had actually seen the movie.

What’s more, we’re not told what criteria AP uses to judge who is a “top” scientist, and we’re not told why a mere 19 are considered representative of all 100 scientists.

You ran the story under the headline “Scientists OK Gore Film for Accuracy.” It would have been more accurate to say “A Few Scientists OK Gore Film for Accuracy?” or even “Most Scientists Haven’t Bothered with Gore Film.”


Michael Van Winkle
Oak Park, IL

Michael Van Winkle ([email protected]) is a research assistant for The Heartland Institute.