Because Hurricane Season Has Started

Published August 21, 2008

Just as the first hurricane to make landfall in 2008 sputters across Florida, the global warming alarmists have begun chanting their “humans-are-causing-hurricanes” mantra before a restive group of coastal residents. Soggy Floridians are being told human-induced global warming will lead to even more catastrophic storms — a point that has been refuted by many a scientific professional. (“Group Says Global Warming Boosting Hurricanes,” August 21)

Several scientists, including NOAA research meteorologist Tom Knutson, have concluded that global warming is not to blame for hurricanes … in fact, Knutson says, global warming would reduce the number of future hurricanes. A recent issue of Nature magazine reinforced this conclusion with a study that found warm temperatures are not associated with hurricane activity.

Even if warming weather did cause increased hurricane activity, that could not explain present-day weather systems. Since 1998, the global temperature has been decreasing. Earlier this week an expert from the National Autonomous University of Mexico predicted Earth is on the cusp of the next Little Ice Age, due to decreased solar activity.

Alarmists would like to blame global warming for everything from bad hair days to bigfoot having been a hoax, but warming isn’t to blame for mother nature’s hurricanes after all.

Zonia M. Pino ([email protected]) is a legislative specialist for The Heartland Institute.