Brit Gov Health Care Website: Nine Years, $15 Billion and Counting, Site Scrapped

Published October 28, 2013

ObamaCare is a disaster.  It is doing incredible damage to our nation – well beyond just the health insurance sector.  Just about everything President Barack Obama and his fellow zealot ideologue cheerleaders promised it would deliver was an exact-opposite lie.

The President promised a family of four a $2,500 premium reduction:

ObamaCare Will Increase Avg. Individual-Market Insurance Premiums By 99% For Men, 62% For Women

The President promised if you like your (insurance) plan, you can keep your plan:

Millions of Americans Are Losing Their Health Plans Because of Obamacare

500,000 Californians Lose Health Policies

300,000 Lose Health Plans in Florida

Health Policy Expert Bob Laszewski: Roughly 16 Million Americans Will Lose Their Current Plans Because of ObamaCare

Estimated Loss of Health Coverage Under ObamaCare

Congressional Budget Office (CBO): 11 million people

Office of the Actuary – Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services: 14 million

Then-House Speaker Nancy Pelosi promised ObamaCare would “create 4 million jobs – 400,000 almost immediately.”

Will Obamacare Hurt Jobs? It’s Already Happening, Poll Finds

ObamaCare Employer Mandate: A List Of Cuts To Work Hours, Jobs

10 Stories of Job Loss as Consequences of ObamaCare

Then there is the website.  Which has been since its October 1 debut a rolling, rollicking train wreck nightmare mess.  Its inanity epitomizes government process and $80-billion-a-year technological prowess:

Feds Reviewed Only One Bid for ObamaCare Website Design

ObamaCare Contractors Were Big Campaign Donors

Michelle Obama’s Princeton Classmate is Executive at Company that Built ObamaCare Website

Outstanding.  What did we get for our Crony Socialism?

The ObamaCare Website That We Can’t Use Only Cost Us $634 Million

Glitch-Filled Launch of ObamaCare Site Decried As ‘Train Wreck’

John McAfee on ObamaCare: ‘This is a Hacker’s Wet Dream’

Web Traffic, Glitches Slow ObamaCare Exchanges Launch

Web traffic, huh?  The lies continued here, too:

Visits to Federal Health-Care Web Site Off 88%

California Lies About Its ObamaCare Web Traffic; Overstating By 775%

A Mere 51,000 People Signed Up On ObamaCare Site in First Week

More transparency from the Opaque Administration:

5 ObamaCare Questions (HHS Sec) Kathleen Sebelius Won’t Answer:

 1.     What‘s actually wrong with

 2.     When will it be fixed?

 3.     Will the administration delay the individual mandate?

4.     How many people have actually enrolled?

5.     Why didn‘t the White House have a good backup plan?

But fear not – the “A Team” is coming to fix this mess.

‘Best and Brightest’ Techies Drafted to Fix ObamaCare Computer Glitches

Any transparency here?  Not so much.

White House ObamaCare Team: Best, Brightest – and a Mystery

This begs another question: Why weren’t these people drafted to build it?  The tech motto is “Garbage in, garbage out” – perhaps they could have preempted some of the primary garbage.

Can they fix it?  Not so much:

To Fix ObamaCare Website, Blow It Up, Start Over

Actually, we shouldn’t start over.  Britain’s already tried this – all the way through to its $15+ billion inexorable end:

NHS IT System One of ‘Worst Fiascos Ever’, Say MPs

Taxpayers face a rising, multi-billion pound bill for a failed government IT project….

A report by the influential Public Accounts Committee (PAC) concluded an attempt to upgrade NHS computer systems in England ended up becoming one of the “worst and most expensive contracting fiascos” in public sector history.

The final bill for abandoning the plan is still uncertain, the committee said….

Officials later revised the total to £9.8bn ($15 billion), but the PAC said this latest estimate failed to include a price for terminating a contract with Fujitsu to provide care records systems and other future costs.

The project was launched in 2002, with the aim of revolutionising the way technology is used in the health service by paving the way for electronic records, digital scanning and integrated IT systems across hospitals and community care.

Hit by technical problems and contractual wrangling, it was effectively disbanded by the government two years ago….

“The taxpayer is continuing to pay the price for the ill-fated national programme for IT in the NHS.

“Although officially dismantled (it) continues in the form of separate component programmes which are still racking up big costs.”

Nine years and $15+ billion later – and still bleeding – the Brits gave up the government health care website ghost.

Forget delaying ObamaCare.  We are already throwing bad money after bad, which followed bad.  Let’s not Brit-style beat our heads and wallets against the wall for the next decade.  To paraphrase the Reverend Jesse Jackson: End ObamaCare – you can’t mend it.

Let’s cut our massive losses – and get back to the pre-ObamaCare higher levels of health care and job security.

And let’s keep all of this in mind when our government insists they know best when it comes to regulating all things technology.  The ObamaCare-delivering boob-erific Obama Administration has – oft illegally:

Given government’s track record, it should be greatly diminishing its tech sector role.  Instead they are by fiat lording over ever larger swaths.

No ObamaCare-British health care lessons are being learned.


[Originally Published on Human Events]