Competing Questions

Published December 1, 2003

Final Vote
1A – 38 percent
1B – 35 percent
1C – 27 percent

Maine Municipal Association’s
Citizen Initiative (1A)

The MMA Citizen’s Initiative requires the state to immediately fund 55% of the total K-12 education allocation. By June 30, 2004, the Legislature would be required to have a funding plan in place that would include defining the total allocation and then the revenue source(s), to achieve the 55% state share for the FY 2004-05 school year. The Citizen’s Initiative also requires the state to immediately fund 100% of all prior year unreimbursed special education expenditures.

Do you support Citizens Initiative 1A?

The Governor and Legislature’s
Competing Tax Relief Measure (1B)

The Competing Measure strengthens the Essential Programs and Services (EPS) model of school funding (LD1623), enacted by the 121st legislature, by providing the increased state support over the specified five-year period necessary to achieve the goal of 55% state share of statewide K-12 education costs by FY 2009-10.

Do you support the Governor’s and Legislature’s Competing Tax Relieve Measure 1B?

Do you support 1C — None of the Above?