Heat Advisory

Published May 10, 2013

A viewer is suing Dr. Oz for causing the viewer to burn his feet. Popular TV host Dr. Mehmet Oz recommended “Heated Rice Footsies” to viewers having trouble falling asleep. The doctor suggested filling sock toes with uncooked rice and heating the “footsies” in a microwave until warm, then wearing the footsies for 20 minutes while lying in bed.

When Frank Dietl from New Jersey, a diabetic, donned his heated footsies, he promptly fell asleep. So far, so good. Mr. Dietl complained that when he awoke, however, he found he had suffered third-degree burns on his feet.

Although Dr. Oz specifically warned viewers not to make the rice too hot, “just warm,” Dietl claims Dr. Oz should have included a special warning to diabetics who have less feeling in their feet. Or maybe he should have included instructions on how to use another body part to test the temperature of the footsies?

Sources include: Tom Barrabi, “Dr. Oz Sued by Frank Dietl over ‘Knapsack Heated Rice Footsies,'” International Business Times, March 19, 2013