Lie Often. It Works

Published August 1, 2000

Why are falsehoods about voucher programs re-issued long after they have been shown to be inaccurate and misleading? Because the falsehoods are part of “a saturation propaganda effort” spanning several years, according to Marquette University professor Howard L, Fuller, a former superintendent of the Milwaukee Public Schools. The ongoing false claims shape news reports and thus help turn neutral elected officials against vouchers.

“When it comes to depriving low-income parents of expanded educational options, the end appears to justify the means,” wrote Fuller in a paper presented earlier this year at the Second Annual Symposium of Educational Options for African-Americans: “The Saturation Campaign of Lies and Distortions about Educational Vouchers.”

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Howard L. Fuller’s report, “The Saturation Campaign of Lies and Distortions about Educational Vouchers,” is available from Marquette University’s Institute for the Transformation of Learning, 2025 North Summit Avenue #101, Milwaukee, WI 53202, phone 414/765-0691.