Medicare Is $38 Trillion Short – And Other Reasons Government Shouldn’t Run Anything

Published July 9, 2019

America’s Left has certainly evolved. Fifty years ago, it was the Left who didn’t trust Big Brother and wanted to stick it to The Man. Now they LOVE Big Brother, because they now are The Man. The Left now runs nearly everything and has for quite a long while.

The Left with ever-increasing influence controls schools grades K-12.  The disasters continue to mount.  We spend ever more money to have them deliver ever diminished results. Governments schools do not educate, they indoctrinate.  Seven-year-olds aren’t furthering their reading and math, but they are receiving climate change and LGBTQ propaganda.

Government schools have extruded tens of millions of students who can not read the diplomas they’re handed but they can all roll a condom on a banana.

The Left controls the colleges and universities which is why 99+% of them can now more rightly be called insane asylums.  They have spent decades producing not clear-thinking, self-sustaining, educated individuals but tens of millions of mindless radical Leftists.

The Left controls the vast majority of the media, which is the only way they can continue to propagate their Big Lie because reality so often, so directly opposes them. We have dozens of television networks and movie studios, hundreds of newspapers and magazines and millions of websites dedicated to the maxim:

“If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it, and you will even come to believe it yourself.”

It’s a necessary part of the Program.  Which is why they freak out in such a hyper-over-reactory way whenever there is a tiny talk radio-Fox News chink in their otherwise un-penetrated armor.  ANY little glint of sunlight entering their dark world is egregiously damaging to their cause. And of course the Left has nigh total control of governments everywhere.

You see it at the local level all the time especially in schools.  Students and their parents protest the insanity the schools are imposing and the government tells them to take a flying leap.

High School Student Suspended for Refusing to Join Political Protest:

“High school students across the U.S. walked out of class on Wednesday to protest in favor of gun reform….Jacob Shoemaker, a Hilliard Davidson High School senior in Ohio, refused to join his classmates in taking part of the ‘National Walkout.’…Jacob didn’t feel that politics should play a role in the classroom, and he refused to take sides. He argued that divisive politics should be kept out of schools.”

Hundreds of Parents Pull Kids From School to Protest LGBTQ Curriculum:

“(T)he curriculum would be rolled out in the second grade, where students are about 7 or 8.”

And of course you see the Left’s control of the entirety of Washington, D.C.

We have over the decades periodically elected this attempt or that at reducing government – President Ronald Reagan, the Newt Gingrich Congress, the Tea Party – only to see the Leftist bureaucracy time and again overwhelm our efforts.  And the government only continues to grow.

Since the presidential election of Swamp Drainer Donald Trump, we have time and again see some random institutionalized Leftist bureaucrat or phony judge unilaterally block something Trump has tried to do in the name of drainage.  And the government only continues to grow.

The Left is certainly very good at ensuring they run things.  Are they any good at actually running things? Heavens no.

Medicare Faces Unfunded Liability of $38.6 Trillion

And that was in 2012.  It’s inexorably worse now.

The Left’s “solution?”  EXPAND the seniors-only program – to include everyone.  Genius.

Social Security’s Looming $32 Trillion Shortfall:

And that was in 2016.  It’s inexorably worse now.

Two Leftist programs – $70 trillion short.  But wait – there’s more:

The Federal Government Will Spend Half Its Budget On Older Adults In Ten Years:

“(M)ostly for health care and retirement benefits.”

Ummm…that’s Medicare and Social Security.  Oops.

This year’s federal budget – is $4.5 trillion.  And will be inexorably larger a decade hence.  Oops.

We could list examples of government failure from now until the crack of Doom.

And things never, EVER get better.  Only inexorably worse.


IG Report: 300,000 Veterans Died While Waiting for Health Care at the Veterans Administration (VA)

And then worse:

VA Still in Disarray Four Years after Veterans Wait-List Death Scandal


Barack Obama’s Immigration Action Means Tax Refunds For Illegals, Says IRS

IRS to Pay Back-Refunds to Illegal Immigrants Who Didn’t Pay Taxes

And then worse:

IRS Refunds $4.2 Billion to Illegal Aliens for Taxes Not Paid

So when We the Normal have a precious gem, a portion of life that has managed to remain nigh-completely government free, we should cherish and protect it with all the might we can muster. One such very rare cabochon is the Internet.

True, the Web was born of government.  But in government’s hands it languished in inert obscurity for decades. In the 1990s, government in bipartisan fashion decided to hand the thing to the private sector.


Twenty-five years later, the Internet has gone from “What’s that?” to a free speech-free market Xanadu that is now one-sixth of our entire $19 trillion economy.


Very shortly after the very wise bipartisan decision to deregulate the Left began looking to re-regulate.  Born was the inanity known as Network Neutrality and in drooling anticipation of that government grab, the Left got even greedier (shocker, I know).  And now insists we impose upon the Internet 1934 landline phone law.

Is that a good idea?  Heavens no:

“‘Title II undermines broadband competition. In the five years after the FCC first proposed Title II (2010–15), investment dropped somewhere between $160-$200 billion relative to what it would have been projecting forward from 2005–10, when net neutrality alone was the baseline for investor expectations.'”

So whenever you hear any Leftist demand we have government do this to the Internet – please ask them:

“Are you looking to emulate government’s failure with Medicare?”


“Are you looking to emulate government’s failure with Social Security?”


“Are you looking to emulate government’s failure with the VA?”


“Are you looking to emulate government’s failure with schools?”


You are free to pick any you wish.

Because the government is awful at all of them.

Because the government is awful at everything.

[Originally Published at RedState]