No One Asked Biden’s FCC Nominee This?

Published July 11, 2023

DC never disappoints in disappointing US.

The doddering, authoritarian Joe Biden Administration has placed before US its second nominee for the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)’s fifth Commissioner position.

The FCC has been Party-deadlocked at 2-2 for the entirety of Biden’s addled tenure.  His minions have been desperately looking to break the tie.

Their first nominee was Gigi Sohn.  A very nice lady (I know her) – who is an ideological radical.

Radical Sohn: Last Election Not a Green Light for Even More Hardcore Leftism

Sohn has a LONG history of very public radicalness.  So it was light work for Senate Republicans to highlight her radicalness – and get a couple of Democrats to join with them in opposing her conformation.

Now Biden, Inc has nominated Anna Gomez.  Who Big Media is telling us is a moderate alternative to Sohn.  But is she?  Or are we being told she is – to help her surreptitiously slip through the confirmation process?

There’s only one thing that really matters when it comes to the FCC:

Net Neutrality (NN) – and Title II Internet regulatory reclassification along with it – and how they should be imposed.

Is Biden’s New FCC Nominee as Radical as Biden’s Old Nominee?:

“The Left wants to bypass the Constitutional process.  Which means bypassing the elected Congress – because The Left can’t get their agenda passed by the elected Congress.  And instead have unelected bureaucrats unilaterally, illegally impose it.

“If Biden wants to ‘fix Net Neutrality’ – he can work with Congress to pass a bill expressly empowering the FCC to impose it.  Which is, you know, how it’s actually supposed to happen.

“Instead, Biden too wants to bypass the Constitutional process.”

Of course Biden does.  He wants a 3-2 Democrat FCC bureaucrat majority to unilaterally jam it all through.

Will Gomez accommodate him – at the allegedly “independent” FCC?

There is only one way to find out.  Ask her.

Something like this was the only question that would have really mattered at her confirmation hearing:

“If FCC Chairman Jessica Rosenworcel proposes having the Commission unilaterally impose Net Neutrality and/or reclassify the way the government regulates the Internet – without preceding Congressional legislation directing the Commission to do so – how will you vote?”

Senators seemed to have brushed up against The Question….

Federal Communications Nominee Says Congress Should Address Net Neutrality:

“When asked if the FCC should seek direction from Congress before addressing net neutrality,…Biden-backed nominee Anna Gomez said she would like to ‘help, if confirmed, with efforts towards legislation.’”

Except: “Should…the FCC seek direction from Congress?”  Is not “Must…the FCC seek direction from Congress?”

This Senatorial exchange fails to fully preempt Gomez from voting to impose NN and Title II without legislation.

Big Media is nevertheless trying to pretend that question is actually answered:

“Her response marks a subtle departure from the common view among Democrats that the FCC should mandate net neutrality.”

Except her response – absolutely does not “mark a subtle departure from the common view among Democrats that the FCC should mandate net neutrality.”

Gomez being willing to help Congress with legislation?  Doesn’t mean she thinks it is required before the FCC can act.

You know how we would actually know if she thinks legislation is required before the FCC can act?

If a Senator had asked her about it during her confirmation hearing.  But it seems none did.

But it ain’t yet too late.  Because she ain’t yet confirmed.

Someone, PLEASE – ask her.