PRESS RELEASE: Video Series Celebrates Holiday by Giving Thanks Climate Alarmists Have Been Wrong

Published November 19, 2019

Thanksgiving is a time for being grateful for the love of one’s family, appreciative of the blessings of liberty and prosperity, and thankful for all the good fortune that has come one’s way.


The Heartland Institute is celebrating Thanksgiving this year with a video series that lets Americans know that our climate is not in crisis, and we should be thankful for the positive aspects of a climate that has warmed over the last century and a half – with the first video celebrating a “global greening” that is due, in part, to more carbon dioxide in the atmosphere.

The Heartland Institute will release one video a day – in the 10 days between Tuesday, November 19 and Thanksgiving – debunking some of the most popular “alarmist” memes about the climate pushed by radical environmentalists over the decades.

See the playlist at this link for a new video every morning from November 19 to November 28. First up is #10: Being Thankful for Global Greening.

The things to be thankful for were picked by staffers at Heartland, as well as our friends at the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the Energy & Environment Legal Foundation.

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