Shocker: The Biggest Impediment to US Dealing with China? DC

Published March 2, 2024

Let’s analyze the global situation logically and logistically, shall we?

Russia is simply NOT a geopolitical threat.

The US should have quit the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) – five seconds after the Warsaw Pact dissolved.  Which was way back in 1991.

Instead, we spent the last three-plus decades expanding NATO closer and closer to Russia – after promising Russia way back then we wouldn’t expand it at all.

I can’t imagine why Russia is upset….

Russia, meanwhile, is a mere shadow of what the Soviet Union once was.  It’s a gas station – with a nation attached.

It is ridiculous to think they have the capability to reconstitute their former expansiveness.

At least four western European nations – each have an economy larger than Russia’s.  Two of those nations have nuclear weapons.

It’s their continent.  Let them handle it.

Despite these obvious facts?  DC seems nigh myopically fixated upon Russia, Russia, Russia.

DC spent YEARS lying about Donald Trump’s non-existent collusion with Russia.

And DC insists there is nothing more important on the planet – than their continuing to send hundreds of billions of our dollars to Ukraine for its irrelevant Russia border skirmish.

Why all of this DC Russia obsession?  It allows DC to ignore an actual geopolitical threat: Communist China.

Why is DC ignoring China?  Three guesses – the first two don’t count.

Chinese Elite Have Paid Some $31 Million to Hunter and the Bidens

Mitch McConnell and Elaine Chao Spent Decades Getting ‘Rich On China’

China Queen Dianne Feinstein Used Her Senate Power to Push Most-Favored-Nation Status for the CCP’s Corrupt Dictatorship. Why?

FEC: Eric Swalwell’s Campaign Funded by Chinese Communist Party Employee

It’s Not Just Eric Swalwell. Many American Politicians Are Owned by China

China is presenting US – and the planet – with a LOT of very real problems.

About which – DC is doing very little to nothing.

China’s Rare Earths Dominance in Focus After It Limits Germanium and Gallium Exports

China’s Industrial Subsidies: What Are They and Why Are They a Source of Tension with the West?

The Significance of China’s ‘String of Pearls Strategy’

China’s $900 Billion New Silk Road. What You Need to Know

“What you need to know” – is DC is doing nothing about it.

Many China problems – are VERY close to home.

Losing Strategic Control of the Panama Canal to the People’s Republic of China

Many China problems – are coming to our home.

Chinese Invasion of Our Southern Border

Many China problems – are in our home.

China’s Trade Surplus Surges to New Heights

Most of our China problems – are solvable by DC.  If DC was actually interested in solving them.

Behold but one….

If China Dominates 5G and 6G, No Defense System Can Protect America:

“(T)he U.S. must move decisively to resolve its radio spectrum deficit by projecting tech diplomacy, a new category of statecraft integrating technological expertise, innovative strategies and policy tools….

“The U.S. State Department and (Federal Communications Commission) FCC are not mere participants but architects of global policy change….

“Mobile wireless technologies like 5G can bring more Americans and communities across the digital divide and power new industries like autonomous vehicles, advanced manufacturing and robotics. However, trusted technology like 5G require radio spectrum to work.

“This starts with spectrum frequency allocation, the lifeblood of wireless networks.

“Unfortunately, the U.S. faces a serious spectrum deficit of licensed midband spectrum, the ‘goldilocks’ of spectrum that provides both coverage and capacity.

“U.S. inaction in recent years has enabled China to leapfrog America in spectrum leadership.

“China has amassed four times as much licensed midband spectrum as the U.S., and America now ranks 13th of 15 leading nations in licensed midband spectrum.

“Over the next five years, other countries, including China, will surpass the U.S. in licensed mid-band spectrum for 5G and 6G.

“This imbalance poses critical strategic challenges for national security and its global competitiveness.

“If the Chinese government and its autocratic allies dominate 5G and 6G with superior spectrum infrastructure, there is no defense system or mitigation measure that can protect the Americans or U.S. interests.”

The US federal government – is in possession of a majority of the US’s finite supply of spectrum.

And shocker: It is using it VERY inefficiently:

“The federal government controls large portions of spectrum at the most desirable bands for wireless services, and it’s inefficiently using the so-called ‘beachfront’ spectrum while leaving less available for private uses.”

And when the government finally clears spectrum – to then be sold to the private sector?

The government can’t sell it to the private sector.

Because the FCC’s authority to sell it to the private sector – expired almost a year ago.

And Congress has been screwing around with the legislation (re)authorizing the FCC – for at least two years.

Thus far – to no effect whatsoever.  And we wait….


Where China Dominates in 5G Technology

Chinese Scientists Take Big Step on Long-Distance Journey to 6G Wireless Communication

Look, I am eminently familiar with Occam’s Razor:

“The simplest answer can often be the right one.”

All of this DC wireless communication boobery?  Can certainly be attributed to DC boobery.

Because DC is transcendentally boob-erific.

But I’m quite sure the hundreds of millions of Communist Chinese bribe dollars?

Don’t hurt.

And certainly might grease the boobery skids.