Shoveling a Lot of Global Warming in Chicago

Published February 2, 2015

The upper East Coast got sacked with a foot or so of snow last weekend, and are going to be hit with another foot or so this week. At least the folks in Boston won’t care as much, seeing the Patriots won the Super Bowl — which featured one of the biggest bone-headed play calls in history. That makes some three feet of snow in two weeks go down easier.

The second Blizzard of 2015 will have ended its pass through the Midwest by early in the morning on Groundhog Day. Chicago got hammered, proof below. I shoveled for nearly four hours Sunday, just to make progress on the seven inches that had fallen. I have another several hours of shoveling Monday to clear the other eight inches or so that awaits me.

Global warming strikes again!

What’s that you say, global warming alarmist readers? Weather is not climate? Yeah. I know that. But do you guys? To give but one example, alarmists such as the scientifically illiterate Robert F. Kennedy like to say every severe weather event is “proof” of a man-caused catastrophe that has irrevocably changed our climate. RFK Jr. wrote in a 2008 Los Angeles Times op-ed of his panic about a freak weather event at Cape Cod, and feared that his children and grandchildren would never again to sledding in Virginia. Not in the future, but right now.

Anyway, this post is about me complaining about shoveling. I will say this: Winter is beautiful … until you have to deal with it. Gotta get a snow blower one of these winters.