Authority and Freedom: A Defense of the Arts (Guest: Jed Perl)

Published August 24, 2022
Heartland’s Tim Benson is joined by Jed Perl of the New School of Social Research and long-time art critic for The New Republic to discuss his new book, “Authority and Freedom: A Defense of the Arts”. They discuss how the interplay between authority and freedom are the lifeblood of the arts, how the essence of the arts is their ability to free us from fixed definitions and categories, and what is the future of the arts in a democratic society.
Show Notes:
The Bulwark: Daniel Lelchuk – “A Defense of Art for Art’s Sake”
First Things: Kyle Smith – “Great Art Can Be Propaganda”
Law & Liberty: Mark Judge – “Art Without Tradition is Dead”
Literary Hub: Jed Perl – “How Artists Navigate the Interplay of Authority and Freedom”
The New Criterion: Michael Mosbacher – “Art versus anachronism”
The New York Review of Books: John Banville – “The Imaginative Imperative”
The New York Times: John Adams – “Does Art Have to Be Relevant? One Prominent Critic Says No.”
Quillette: Franklin Einspruch – “Authority and Freedom: A Defense of the Arts—A Review”