Danger Zone: The Coming Conflict with China (Guest: Michael Beckley)

Published August 29, 2022
Heartland’s Tim Benson is joined by Michael Beckley of Tufts University and the American Enterprise Institute to discuss his new book, co-authored with Hal Brands, “Danger Zone: The Coming Conflict with China.” They discuss how China’s rise in global power is over, its leadership is insecure about its future, and how that insecurity about China’s coming decline could lead to a violent challenge to the existing global order. They also chat about how the United States can maintain a smart, sustainable approach to make sure it comes out ahead in this protracted global crisis.
Show Notes:
American Enterprise Institute: Hal Brands – Getting Ready for a Long War with China: Dynamics of Protracted Conflict in the Western Pacific
The Atlantic: Hal Brands and Michael Beckley – “What Will Drive China to War?”
Bloomberg: Hal Brands – “Economic Chaos of a Taiwan War Would Go Well Past Semiconductors”
Foreign Affairs: Hal Brands and Michael Beckley – “The Return of Pax Americana?”
Foreign Policy: Hal Brands and Michael Beckley – “What Does China Want?”
Journal of Applied Corporate Finance: Michael Beckley – “China’s Economy Is Not Overtaking America’s”
National Public Radio: “’Danger Zone’ author warns of growing tension between China and the U.S.”
Wall Street Journal: Hal Brands and Michael Beckley – “The Coming War Over Taiwan”
Woodrow Wilson International Center: Michael Beckley – Desperate Times, Desperate Measures: Slowing Growth Is Making China More Dangerous