Direct Primary Care Center Saves a Small Community (Guest: Mark Blocher)

Published May 11, 2022
The big hospital healthcare systems have left the rural town of Newaygo, Michigan in the dust. Residents in this small, rural community have had to travel sometimes an hour to get basic primary health care service. In comes Christian Health Care Centers to the rescue.
Newaygo community leaders ask the direct primary care practice (DPC) if it would consider opening a second facility in their town. Christian Health Care Centers is a facility-based DPC that opened in 2017 and has had remarkable success. The community and CHC worked together to make it happen and on May 10, 2022, they celebrated the grand opening of a new 8,150 square foot facility. Residents are thrilled they don’t have to travel for basic health care and they’ll save a bundle of money under the direct-pay, membership model.
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