Green Imperialism: How the West’s Climate Agenda Keeps Developing Countries Poor (Guest: Vijay Jayaraj)

Published March 14, 2023
In this episode of Environment & Climate News, we discuss how international agencies, corporations, and governments are treating developed countries as if they were back in the colonial era. Our guest, Vijay Jayaraj of the CO2 Coalition, highlights how climate policies and limits on energy and economic development are keeping the very poorest people in the world impoverished in an effort to fight the Western elites’ boogeyman, climate change.
Jayaraj argues that it is immoral to deny developing economies use of coal, oil, and gas. More, climate change does not pose a threat to the world’s poor. But poverty, lack of food, and lack of other essentials which fossil fuel use can advance, does. Join us as we explore the intersection between climate change policies, economic development, and poverty reduction.