Hottest Summer Ever? NOT!

Published October 21, 2023
On Climate Change Roundtable, we take a stand against selective information portrayal, examining the contexts often omitted in mainstream climate discussions. This week, we’re covering the go-to media hottest ever narrative parroted after every summer. And, we’ll have special guest Marc Morano on to discuss Mann’s court appearance in the decade old Mann vs Steyn case this week.

The media has been quick to dub this the ‘hottest summer on record’, but what does that truly mean in the vast timeline of Earth’s climatic history? The referenced record composes the last 150 years, a misleading statement outright. And during this time, Earth is recovering from the Little Ice Age, further skewing the data. When you look at the Earth’s entire history, temperatures are well within norms. We discuss issues with the temperature record, misleading language, and highlight objective data.

An Unexpected Ally in Michael Mann When figures like Michael Mann, known for the hockey stick chart, begin to voice concerns about the media’s alarmist take on climate change, it’s an indicator that the discourse might be veering off course. We’ll discuss his recent tweet that underscores the exaggerated stance of corporate media on climate-related issues.