Kennan: A Life Between Worlds (Guest: Frank Costigliola)

Published June 20, 2023
Heartland’s Tim Benson is joined by Frank Costigliola, Board of Trustees Distinguished Professor of History at the University of Connecticut, to discuss his new book, Kennan: A Life between Worlds. They chat about why George Kennan was one of the most important, and complex, figures in the history of American foreign policy, his diplomatic career in the Soviet Union, his rise to fame and preeminence, and his swift fall from power and influence. They also discuss how Kennan was impossible to classify and whether his diplomatic vision holds any lessons for today. 

Show Notes:

Financial Times: Anatol Lieven – “Kennan: A Life Between Worlds — lessons for the containment of Russia”
First Things: Patrick Porter – “Cold War Contradictions”
Foreign Affairs: Fredrik Logevall – “The Ghosts of Kennan”
The New Republic: Patrick Iber – “George Kennan’s False Moves”
Times Literary Supplement: Harold James – “Kissing Stalin on the mouth”
Washington Examiner: Damir Marusic – “The divided George Kennan”