Policy, Power, and Politics: Renewable Energy Plagues Texas (Guest: Jason Isaac)

Published May 15, 2023
Welcome to Environment & Climate News, your source for insights into environmental policies and climate-related issues. This episode, hosted by H. Sterling Burnett, features Jason Isaac from the Texas Public Policy Foundation. Isaac sheds light on a pressing power predicament facing Texas and the nation as a whole: the forced transition from reliable fossil fuel power plants to less dependable wind and solar energy sources.

As Texas strives to address this issue, the EPA’s new power plan and the substantial subsidies stipulated in the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) potentially pose significant obstacles. The episode delves deeply into these challenges, suggesting that federal courts may eventually declare the EPA’s plan unlawful. It also discusses the House Republicans’ countermeasures, which target the green subsidies in the IRA as part of their Debt Ceiling adjustment bill. Join us to explore the intricacies of these policy debates and their substantial impact on our environment and future climate.