Savage Journey: Hunter S. Thompson and the Weird Road To Gonzo (Guest: Peter Richardson)

Published June 29, 2022
Heartland’s Tim Benson is joined by Peter Richardson to discuss his new book, “Savage Journey: Hunter S. Thompson and the Weird Road To Gonzo.” They discuss how Thompson’s literary formation occurred in San Francisco in the mid- ‘60’s, how his celebrity has obscured his literary achievements, and why Richardson believes Thompson was one of the most important American voices in the second half of the Twentieth Century.
Show Notes:
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Los Angeles Review of Books: Peter Richardson – “Strange Rumblings: The Prickly but Productive Friendship Between Hunter Thompson and Oscar Acosta”
The Nation: Peter Richardson – “5 Lessons From Hunter S. Thompson”
The New Republic: Peter Richardson – “Hunter S. Thompson and the Four Secrets to Gonzo Journalism’s Success”
Times Literary Supplement: Matt Sturrock – “Not-so-micro-aggressions”
Wall Street Journal: Benjamin Shull – “‘Savage Journey’ Review: Hunter S. Thompson’s Wild Ride”
Washington Independent Review of Books: Daniel de Visé – “Savage Journey: Hunter S. Thompson and the Weird Road to Gonzo”
Washington Post Magazine: Jason Vest – “The gonzo journalist who forever changed political campaign coverage”