Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington (Guest: James Kirchick)

Published September 19, 2022
Heartland’s Tim Benson is joined by James Kirchick, nonresident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council and columnist for Tablet, to discuss his new book, “Secret City: The Hidden History of Gay Washington.” Benson and Kirchick discuss how homosexuality came to be seen as potential national security threat, the Lavender Scare, the irresponsible homophobia of Oliver Stone’s film JFK, the tragedy of the closet, and how gay Washingtonians fought a multi-decade fight for civil rights.
Show Notes:
Commentary: Bruce Bawer – “A Capital History”
New York Times: Alexandra Jacobs – “‘Secret City,’ an Epic Narrative History of the Closet in the Capital”
The New Yorker: Michael Waters – “What Made Washington, D.C., the ‘Gayest and Most Antigay City in America’”
 Reason: Walter Olson – “Secret City Recounts the Gay History of D.C.”
 The Spectator World: David J. Garrow – “The rise of gay Washington”
 Washington Examiner: River Page – “James Kirchick’s history of gay power”
 Washington Free Beacon: Douglas Murray – “Life in a Closeted Capital”