Silicon Valley Bank Was a Woke Bank, and it Was Wokeness That Brought it Down

Published March 29, 2023
 The other day, Heartland Vice President Jim Lakely was a guest on The Mark Reardon Show on 97.1 FM Talk in St. Louis. I was invited on the show to talk about the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank and how much woke politics had to do with it.

That bank and our federal regulators were a lot more interested in advancing left wing political goals, such as donating to Black Lives Matter, seeking investment equity, and fighting for “climate justice” — whatever that is — than it was hiring a risk assessment officer. Silicon Valley Bank had a Diversity Equity and Inclusion executive, but not a risk assessment officer for the last three quarters before it collapsed. So how much did woke politics have to do with it? Listen to this brief clip and find out.

I was invited on the program because of this piece on, which was a rough transcript of something I said on Heartland’s weekly In the Tank Podcast.