The Folly of Electric Vehicles: Heartland’s Jim Lakely on the Cut Jib Newsletter Podcast

Published November 1, 2023
 The other day Heartland Institute Vice President Jim Lakely (that’s me) was a guest on the Cut Jib Newsletter Podcast, part of the excellent and must-read Ace of Spades blog. I was invited on by hosts JJ Sefton and CBD, bloggers at the site, to talk about the folly of electric vehicles. It’s a favorite subject of mine, and also of another great blogger at Ace of Spades, Buck Throckmorton.

I was on for about an hour, but this is the first 20 minutes or so of our conversation. Perhaps we’ll post more of this conversation at a later date. But for now, enjoy.

The full original episode of the Cut Jib Newsletter Podcast is here:

Check out the Ace of Spades blog: