The Invention of International Order: Remaking Europe after Napoleon (Guest: Glenda Sluga)

Published September 7, 2022
Heartland’s Tim Benson is joined by Glenda Sluga to discuss her new book, “The Invention of International Order: Remaking Europe after Napoleon.” Sluga is the professor of international history and capitalism at the European University Institute as well as a Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellow and professor of international history at the University of Sydney. They discuss how the Congress of Vienna planted the seeds for today’s international order, how new conceptions of the politics between states were the work not only of European statesmen but also of politically ambitious aristocrats and bourgeoisie, and how the leading statesmen of the age operated in the context of social networks often presided over by influential women who had their ear.
Show Notes:
Lapham’s Quarterly: Glenda Sluga – “Only That I Were an Official Person!”
London School of Economics: Glenda Sluga – “The invention of an international order: Lessons from 1814”
Times Literary Supplement: Biancamaria Fontana – “A Europe of free peoples”