Trump Indictment & Climate Authoritarianism – In The Tank #409

Published August 3, 2023
The Heartland Institute’s Donald Kendal, Jim Lakely, and Linnea Lueken episode 409 of the In The Tank Podcast. President Donald Trump has been indicted…. again. But this time, he’s being indicted for his role in the dreaded and infamous January 6 (2021) riots at the Capitol Building. The ITT crew talks about this new development and what it means for the state of the justice system in America. Also, the climate alarmists are getting desperate. UN’s Antonia Guterres declared recently that we are now in the era of “global boiling.” What new authoritarian policies with this extreme rhetoric justify?


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(Remember this?) In 2016, Democrats, Hollywood celebrities, and corporate news outlets urged electors to vote against President-elect Donald Trump
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