Two Bills Are About to Become Law in California and Why We Should All be Concerned – Marilyn Singleton, M.D., J.D.

Published September 13, 2022
SB 107 would allow California to become a “sanctuary state” for a parent and minor to pursue gender altering surgery and care against the wishes of another parent.  AB 2098 redefines the meaning of “unprofessional conduct” to now included the dissemination of COVID-19 misinformation or disinformation.  Physicians and Surgeons could potentially lose their license if found to be in violation. Singleton discusses the ramifications of these bills and how variations could spread to other states.
Singleton and Schieber discuss:
 1.  Who will determine what  COVID  “misinformation” is
 2.  The possibility that a  physician could lose their medical license over COVID misinformation?
 3. Will this chase doctors out of state?
 4. Could Anthony Fauci be in violation given his flipflopping on COVID -19?
 5.  What could happen if SB 107 is signed into law?
 6. Will the constitutionality of this law likely be challenged in court?
 7. What would happen if a minor runs away to CA and seek emancipation? 
 8.  How these policies could spread to other states
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