We’re Doomed… Again! IPCC and Media Jump the Shark

Published March 24, 2023
Earlier this week, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released its AR6 climate change report. Expectedly, the report is defined by serial doomcasting and claims of impending catastrophe despite the growing mountain of failed predictions that are conveniently ignored.

One of the most controversial claims made in the report is that anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2) is the main driver of temperature change. Real-world data has proven this false, yet it’s the main takeaway in each IPCC report.

First released on Monday was the “Summary for Policymakers,” a section intended to guide policymaking decisions across the globe. The AR6 report continues to omit key information in favor of sensationalized claims that are easily refuted. For example, the 36-page summary doesn’t include a single mention of the logarithmic relationship between atmospheric CO2 concentrations and global temperature. Surely, policymakers should know that each unit of CO2 added to the atmosphere has a decreasing effect on temperature. The IPCC’s omission of this relationship implies that the warming effect of CO2 concentrations is linear, leading policymakers to overestimate the impact of CO2 emissions on global temperature and overcommit to emissions reduction strategies that are expensive and ineffective.

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