The Leaflet: Arizona Minimum Wage Hike, Mississippi Nurse Practitioners, Kansas Netflix Tax, and ESA for Indiana Children

Published February 14, 2021

Six Principles for State Legislators Seeking to Protect Free Speech on Social Media Platforms

The Heartland Institute Government Relations team and President James Taylor have created six principles for state legislators seeking to protect free speech in light of increased social media censorship. “Political free speech in the United States is under attack. Tech media giants who own and control virtually all social media platforms available to Americans are working together to silence groups with whom they do not agree.” Read the Six Principles Now.

Research & Commentary: Arizona Minimum Wage Hike Proposal Would Crush Businesses that Survived COVID-19

In her latest Research & Commentary, Samantha Fillmore analyzes the economic effects of a bill in Arizona that would raise the state’s minimum wage to $20 per hour beginning January 1, 2022. A minimum wage hike is a deeply ineffective way to improve the economy. Moreover, arbitrary minimum wage hikes produce unintended consequences that can inflict even more pain upon the very people they are supposed to benefit. Read Now.

Research & Commentary: Nurse Practitioners Can Alleviate Mississippi’s Primary Care Shortage

In her latest Research & Commentary, Christina Herrin evaluates Mississippi’s primary care shortage and offers a simple solution: more nurse practitioners. The United States faces a growing shortage of licensed physicians. The Association of American Medical Colleges (AAMC) estimates the United States will have a doctor shortage of 122,000 physicians by 2032 and Mississippi is no exception, making HB 1303 a necessity. Read Now.

Research & Commentary: Expanding Choice Scholarship Program and Enacting Special Needs ESA Would Provide Timely Help for Indiana Children

In a new Research & Commentary, Tim Benson examines legislation in the Indiana House of Representatives that would expand eligibility for the state’s popular Choice Scholarship Program (CSP) voucher and also establish a new ESA program for children with special needs, children in foster care, and the children of active duty military personnel. Legislators should allow families as many options as possible to get their children the education they need and deserve. Read Now.

Research & Commentary: Kansas Gov. Kelly Proposes Netflix and Internet Sales Taxes in New Budget

In another new Research & Commentary, Samantha Fillmore analyzes the economic effects of Gov. Laura Kelly’s 2021-2022 budget proposal. Kelly’s budget hosts a bevy of new tax proposals and most notably includes applying state sales taxes to online streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu. Taxes on streaming video and music services are unnecessary and interfere with the private market by protecting cable companies from competition. Read Now.

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