The Leaflet: Biden and The Energy Sector and What We Learned From Operation Warp Speed

Published January 31, 2021

Press Release: Heartland Institute Energy Experts React to Biden Proposal To Ban Drilling on Federal Land

“Has there ever been a president who has destroyed more blue-collar jobs at the flick of his wrist at the start of his term than Scranton Joe?” Heartland’s Senior Fellows Anthony Watts and H. Sterling Burnett, Policy Analyst Tim Benson, and President James Taylor sound off on President Biden’s outrageous and harmful executive order just days into his administration. Read Now.

Op-Ed: What We Learned from Operation Warp Speed

In a new op-ed featured in Townhall, State Government Relations Manager Christina Herrin showcases the success of the Trump administration’s Operation Warp Speed. “Remarkably, Operation Warp Speed has resulted in multiple vaccines in less than a year. Before Operation Warp Speed, it took years to develop and approve vaccines.” Read Now.

Research & Commentary: Minnesota Governor Pushing Tax Hikes that Will Harm the Gopher State Economy

In her latest Research & Commentary, Samantha Fillmore analyzes the economic effects of Gov. Tim Walz’s 2021-2022 budget proposal. This comprehensive package includes a 15 percent increase on the business tax rate, a 10 percent increase on the top income tax bracket, and a cigarette tax hike. This disregards the fact that states with high tax rates grow more slowly than states with lower taxes. Read Now.

Research & Commentary: ESA Bill Would Provide Timely Help to Georgia’s Low-Income, Special Needs, and Bullied Students

In his latest Research & Commentary, Tim Benson analyzes legislation in the Georgia House of Representatives that would establish an education saving account (ESA) program for low-income students, students with special needs, bullied students, students in foster care, and students of active duty military members. This legislation would change the quality of education in Georgia forever. Read Now.

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