The Leaflet: Heartland continuing to push for Certificate of Need and School Choice Reform

Published April 25, 2021

Research & Commentary: Montana is on the Brink of Certificate of Need Law Reform

In her latest Research & Commentary, Christina Herrin analyzes a bill under consideration in the Montana Legislature that would reform Certificate of Need. These outdated policies increase cost and decrease accessibility to quality health care. Read Now.

Research & Commentary: Education Savings Account Program A Much-Needed Compliment to Education Scholarship Program

In a new Research & Commentary, Tim Benson examines school choice legislation in Alabama. The bill would establish an Education Savings Account (ESA) Program for any student who is in foster care, has special needs, or is a dependent of an active military service member. Read Now.

Research & Commentary: Lone Star State Ways & Means Committee Should Shoot Down Internet Sales Tax

In her new Research & Commentary, Samantha Fillmore analyzes legislation that would apply internet sales tax to Texas residents. The bill would levy taxes on out-of-state internet sales and online marketplaces. Read Now.

Research & Commentary: Illinois Proposes E-Cigarette Flavor Ban

In her latest Research & Commentary, Christina Herrin examines a new flavor ban proposed in the state of Illinois. Yet, legislators have disregarded the fact that e-cigarettes are a significant tool for tobacco harm reduction.  Read Now.

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