The Leaflet: Senate Holds Hearing on Early Medical Responses for COVID-19

Published December 13, 2020

Latest Bullying and School Violence Survey Shows Wisconsin Students Need Child Safety Accounts

In his latest Research & Commentary, Tim Benson reviews the results of the biennial Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The report shows that 22.3 percent of Wisconsin high school students were bullied in 2019, emphasizing the Badger State’s need for child safety accounts. Read full R&C here. 


Senate Holds Hearing on Early Medical Responses for COVID-19

In her latest Op-Ed, featured originally in RedState, state government relations manager Christina Herrin draws attention to covid-19 treatments other than a vaccine that could be immediately beneficial to the public. This is especially relevant because the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs has recently held a hearing on early medical responses to the coronavirus pandemic. Read full Op-Ed here. 


Ill Literacy, Episode XXII: 1620 (Guest: Peter W. Wood)

In Episode XXII of Ill Literacy, Tim Benson is joined by Peter W. Wood of the National Association of Scholars to discuss his new book, 1620: A Critical Response to the 1619 Project. They chat about the 1619 Project’s false narrative, how the narrative is being pushed behind the scenes, and how that narrative is socially corrosive. Listen to full podcast here. 


COVID-19 State-Specific Economic Response Consulting 

Are you searching for help with state-specific solutions to undo the damage wrought by governor’s executive orders and excessive lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic? Contact State Government Relations Manager Samantha Fillmore to learn more about solutions for economic reopening in your state. 


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