The Leaflet: Testimony Before The North Dakota House Judiciary Committee On House Bill 1144 In Reference To Creating A Cause Of Action For Censorship By Certain Technology Platforms

Published January 24, 2021

Testimony Before the North Dakota House Judiciary Committee on Censorship by Big Tech Platforms

Director of Government Relations Cameron Sholty submitted testimony before the North Dakota House Judiciary Committee regarding legislation pertaining to social media censorship. “House Bill 1144 is good legislation, which should also spur a state-based and national debate on the role of Big Tech in our civic conversations.” Read Full Testimony Here.


Research & Commentary: Study Shows Potential Economic Pain in Alaska if Fracking Is Banned on Federal Lands

In a new Research & Commentary, Tim Benson analyzes a study from the School of Energy Resources at the University of Wyoming that examines how a ban on fracking on federal lands would lead to “significant fiscal and economic losses” in Alaska. More specifically, the ban would lead to $5.3 billion lost in tax revenue and $101 billion in lost income through 2040. Read Now.


Research & Commentary: As Sessions Begin, No State Legislatures Should Consider Minimum Wage Hikes

In her latest Research & Commentary, Samantha Fillmore explains how minimum wage hikes harm low-wage workers and small businesses. She also addresses why state legislatures should not impose arbitrary minimum hikes while the nation’s economy is suffering from the pandemic. The overall economic effects of proposed minimum wage hikes would do more harm than good in a time when every state cannot afford additional economic hardship. Read Now.


Research & Commentary: The Hawkeye State Does Not Need Certificate of Need Laws

In her latest Research & Commentary, Christina Herrin provides evidence of the need for reform of Iowa’s unnecessary certificate of need (CON) laws. For decades, CON laws have hindered growth and stifled competition in the medical marketplace. Without them, Iowa residents would have increased access to health care facilities. Read Now.


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