The Leaflet: Zero Carbon Grid Would Cost $18 to $29 Trillion, New Study Says

Published October 26, 2020

Research & Commentary: Zero Carbon Grid Would Cost $18 to $29 Trillion, New Study Says

Policy Analyst Tim Benson reviews a state-by-state analysis of the cost of transitioning the entire power grid to a 100 percent carbon dioxide emissions-free energy source. If this were to take place, the direct capital costs of such an effort would range from $18 trillion to $29 trillion. This would also create a less reliable power supply as well as higher energy bills. Read Now.


The Alternative to a Bailout for Fiscally Mismanaged States

Our friends at ALEC, Jonathan Williams and the Kansas Policy Institute’s Dave Trabert, published a great piece in The Wall Street Journal pointing out the need for states to use priority-based budgeting. According to the article, “If Illinois Gov. Pritzker were to trim his state’s per resident spending to match Texas’, he would save his taxpayers $22.3 billion a year.” Read Now.


Governors, Not Gods: Reining-In Redux

Heartland hosted a Zoom webinar to discuss how state legislators can curb the increasing abuse of executive powers given to governors across the nation. Additionally, Heartland staff created a document outlining actionable items lawmakers can use to amend state statutes that give governors too much power.

Read Guidelines Here.

Watch Recording Here. 


Research & Commentary: Michigan’s Governor Whitmer Using Executive Orders to Further Hurt Small Businesses in Proposed Flavor Ban

GR’s latest Research & Commentary reviews Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s coordination with the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to issue new executive rulemaking processes that would allow the governor to enact a without legislative process or a state ballot initiative. Read Now.


COVID-19 State-Specific Economic Response Consulting 

Are you searching for help with state-specific solutions to undo the damage wrought by governor’s executive orders and excessive lockdowns in response to the coronavirus pandemic? Contact State Government Relations Manager Samantha Fillmore to learn more about solutions for economic reopening in your state. 


Climate at a Glance Website 

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Climate Realism Website

Do you need a one-stop-shop that provides true & transparent climate news without the infusion of climate alarmism courtesy of the mainstream media? Bookmark this too:


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