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Consumer Groups Fight Back Against Junk Science Tactics

With increasing frequency, activist groups are trying to remove safe and useful products from the

Sorry, Jerry Brown, Global Warming Is Reducing Wildfires

California Gov. Jerry Brown blames global warming and Republicans for recent wildfires in California, but objective scientific data show a decline in wildfires as our planet modestly warms.

Transform The VA Into A Pro-Growth Model For First Rate Health Care

The VA (Veterans Administration) scandals show why so many people have been so highly motivated for so long to fight against Obamacare.

Pros and Cons of a Carbon Tax for the Energy Industry

Re: “Which mistake would be worse?,” May 19 letter to the editor.

The Corruption of Science

Eisenhower in his farewell addresswarned that a “scientific-technological elite” dependent on government money would exert undue influence

The Tea Party’s Coming Rorschach Moment

With his renomination this week, prepare for a slew of “how Mitch McConnell crushed the Tea Party” pieces over the next few days. Here’s a good one

Thorner: Shocking Far Reaching Tentacles of Common Core

For most individuals, what is next revealed will be the most shocking aspect of Dr.

The Slow, Sure Death of 'Climate Change' Lies

Even though President Obama continues to lie about “climate change” and employs the many elements of the federal government to repeat those lies, this huge hoax is dying.