Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

The Corruption of Science

Eisenhower in his farewell addresswarned that a “scientific-technological elite” dependent on government money would exert undue influence

The Tea Party’s Coming Rorschach Moment

With his renomination this week, prepare for a slew of “how Mitch McConnell crushed the Tea Party” pieces over the next few days. Here’s a good one

Thorner: Shocking Far Reaching Tentacles of Common Core

For most individuals, what is next revealed will be the most shocking aspect of Dr.

The Slow, Sure Death of 'Climate Change' Lies

Even though President Obama continues to lie about “climate change” and employs the many elements of the federal government to repeat those lies, this huge hoax is dying.

The Coming Nine Months: Mud in the Eye of the So-Called 'Permanent' Drought?

My last couple of posts have dealt with major weather/climate stories I think are lurking.

Lessons from the Great French Inflation

Governments have an insatiable appetite for the wealth of their subjects.

Healthcare Fixed, on to Climate Change

Now that 8 million or more have signed up on health insurance exchanges under the Affordable Care Act (ACA), the President is deploying his phone and his pen to solve another urgent problem:

China's Ascent in World Transport

After years of closing the gap with the United States, China  built enough freeways in 2013 to amass the greatest length of freeways in the  world.

Mainstream Media Doesn't Know Big Green has Deeper Pockets Than Big Oil

The "Kill Keystone XL" crowd isn't little environmental David up against a Big Oil Goliath.