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The White House’s Game of Chicken

Can You Hear the Thunder?

I woke last night to the sound of thunder. How far off? I sat and wondered. – Bob Seger, “Night Moves,” 1976

Cap on Debit Card Fees Will Hurt Consumers

RE “AS banks search for revenue, the rules of the game get tougher for consumers’’ (Business, June 14): This article points out several real changes consumers can expect from the new debit card fee cap, but the reality could be far worse for consumers with less-than-perfect credit.

Bachmann’s voucher idea benefits foster kids

Mysteries provide good reading, but they’re best in left out of columns about serious issues like foster care. It is totally mystifying how Family Forum columnist Andrea Poe could conclude that the proposal of Rep. Michele Bachmann, Minnesota Republican, to offer private-school vouchers to foster children would bring “instability” to these children’s lives.

Privatizing Not the Entire Answer, Tough Choices Are

Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty has gotten a lot of flack from liberals and conservatives alike for his proposal that the nation cut government through what he calls the “Google test.” In a Chicago speech earlier this month, the former Minnesota governor put it this way: “If you can find a good or service on the Internet, then the federal government probably doesn’t need to be doing it.”