Recent Opeds & Letters to the Editor

Library Needs to Model Technology Restraint

A few months ago, during our weekly visit to Fort Wayne’s well-curated downtown library, my two toddlers repeatedly tuned out books to stare, open-mouthed, at video screens.

Lessons from the Great Austrian Inflation

This year marks one hundred years since the beginning of the First World War in the summer of 1914. The Great War, as it used to be called, brought great devastation in its wake.

Urban Core Jurisdictions: Similar in Label Only

The fortunes of U.S. core cities (municipalities) have varied greatly in the period of automobile domination that accelerated strongly at the end of World War II.

The Real State of the Economy--Not Obama's Lies

My Father was a Certified Public Accountant and so is my older brother, now comfortably retired in Florida. I tell you this because I would be hard-pressed to balance my checkbook.

Environmental Shakedown

Over a three-year period, 2009-2012, Department of Justice data shows American taxpayers footed the bill for more than $53 million in so-called environmental groups’ legal fees—and the actual numbe

What 97 Percent of Climate Scientists Do

President Obama recently tweeted, “@BarackObama: Ninety-seven percent of scientists agree: #climatechange is real, man-made and dangerous.” Environmental groups and their hallelujah choir in the ma

Read AT&T’s FCC Filing that Totally Debunks Title II Reclassification

Given the avalanche of misinformation and manufactured hysteria by net neutrality proponents over the FCC’s proposed rulemaking to make the FCC’s Open Internet Order comply with the Appeals 

Government Policy: Save the Planet from the Plague of Hungry Humans

Our friends at the Independent Women’s Forum sent a letter the other day to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack expressing concern about th