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John Davidson: "Medicaid Expansion by Another Name"

HCN Podcast - In this edition of the Heartland Daily Podcast, Research Fellow Sean Parnell sits down with Texas Public Policy Foundation's John Davidson. Davidson discusses his latest paper, "Medicaid Expansion by Another Name," which describes the largely unsuccessful efforts of several Republican governors to get even modest reforms of Medicaid in exchange for expanding the program under Obamacare.

Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL): Civil Asset Forfeiture

BTN PODCAST - Congressman Peter Roskam (R-IL) joins Budget & Tax News managing editor Jesse Hathaway to talk about the issue of the Internal Revenue Service's (IRS) use of civil asset forfeiture laws to seize innocent citizens' assets, based on suspicions that they really are financial criminals.

Isaac Orr: The Fracking Revolution

ENC PODCAST - Jim Lakely, director of Communications at the Heartland Institute, discusses the latest news in the fracking revolution with Energy Research Fellow Isaac Orr.

Tarren Bragdon: Medicaid Expansion

HCN PODCAST - Tarren Bragdon, President and CEO of the Foundation for Government Accountability, discusses Medicaid expansion and why so many states have declined to add to the rolls of the program.

Steven Titch: “net neutrality” plan would effectively break the Internet

ITTN PODCAST - In this episode of the Infotech and Telecom News podcast, Budget & Tax News managing editor Jesse Hathaway is joined by Heartland Institute telecom policy analyst Steven Titch. A private information technology consultant and editor of multiple telecom trade magazines, Titch explains how the Internet really works, and how the Federal Communications Commission’s (FCC) proposed “net neutrality” plan would effectively break the Internet. Titch says the FCC’s grab for regulatory power over such a large sector of the U.S. economy threatens the way the Internet has worked for years, as well as the stability of the rest of the economy.

Kays: Politicians Solidifying Their Stances on Common Core

SRN PODCAST - Director of Communications Jim Lakely speaks with Managing editor of School Reform News Heather Kays about the latest Common Core news in today's Heartland Daily Podcast.
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