AnneMarie Schieber

Research Fellow and Managing Editor, Health Care News

Prior to joining Heartland, Schieber was a Senior Investigative Analyst and Community Engagement Manager for the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. There, she helped promote the idea that the best way government can serve people is by creating a climate where people can thrive by is for and by themselves. She produced over 100 short films in which she cast real people to illustrate how public policy can greatly impact lives and in some cases, those stories led to reform. Schieber’s work was recognized by Reason, Think Freely Great Communicators, and Lights! Camera! Liberty! as well as the Detroit Society of Professional Journalists.

Before her work in the liberty movement, Schieber spent several decades at television stations in Michigan, Minnesota, New York and Pennsylvania as an investigative news reporter. The Associated Press awarded her the top honor of “Best Individual Reporting” for being the first reporter to call attention to government efforts to subsidize spending by increasing automobile fines, typically on low-income motorists. She earned recognition from the Michigan Bar Association for a series of reports on child abuse, which identified gaps in the law that allowed abusers to remain in homes with their victims.

In her career, Schieber learned a great deal about winning public attention, sometimes to personal advantage. She made news while traveling in Cleveland, Ohio when she lobbied the media to help track down a custom made violin for her daughter stolen from the trunk of her car. Within hours, tips from all over Cleveland came in until someone spotted the instrument at a flea market being sold by a thief who was linked to a long string of unsolved robberies. 

A New Jersey native, Schieber now lives in her adopted home of Michigan where she raised three daughters with her late husband and enjoys running, reading, watching movies, videography, cooking and staying active in the community and church. She recently managed communications in a gubernatorial race and contributes to the podcast of the Acton Institute.

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