Obamacare’s Olympian Premiums – “I Couldn’t Afford It,” says Mary Lou Retton (Guest: Kansas State Sen. Beverly Gossage)

Published February 29, 2024

Olympian Mary Lou Retton made a stunning revelation when asked why she didn’t have health insurance while she was in intensive care fighting for her life.  “I couldn’t afford it,” Retton told the Today Show on January 8 when she was faced with a life threating pneumonia recently.  Retton’s daughter started a “Go Fund Me” page to help her mother pay for what was likely to be tens of thousands of dollars in hospital bills. 

Health Care News managing editor AnneMarie Schieber talked to Kansas State Senator Beverly Gossage as to why Retton may have gone without health insurance. The likely answer is Obamacare, the only option for people without an employer health plan. Gossage discusses what Retton might have paid for an Obamacare plan without subsidies and why there are almost no other options today for middle income people.  She also discusses what Congress needs to do about it.

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