John Antal

Special Government Employee, U.S. Army Science Board

Antal is also a former Operations Officer (G3) for the US Army’s III Armored Corps; Commander of the 16th Cavalry Regiment; and Special Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Antal is a soldier, TV and radio personality, military historian, leadership expert and author of 14 books, most recently 7 Leadership Lessons of D-Day and 7 Leadership Lessons of the American Revolution.

He served 30 years in the US Army as a combat arms officer, senior staff officer, and commander. He has commanded units from platoon level through regiment and served on corps and multinational staffs. In his post-Army career he has fifteen years of corporate leadership experience, working for Microsoft Corporation and then as Executive Director for a mega-selling video game developer.

He was the managing editor of the Armchair General Magazine and is currently a magazine correspondent for Military Technology, and Mitler Verlag Report. He is the author of hundreds of articles on military and leadership subjects. He has appeared on several History Channel specials and is a frequent host of a leadership improvement radio broadcast 1160 AM Radio in Dallas, Texas.

Antal is co-founder of How2LeadUS leadership team, which in their pro-bono efforts, has trained and educated more than 3,000 Army ROTC Cadets in leadership since 2010. He has been awarded the prestigious Draper Leadership Award, the Silver Order of Saint George Medal, and numerous military medals including three separate awards of the Legion of Merit. In October 2017, Antal was awarded the Congressional Veteran Commendation (CVC) by Congressman Sam Johnson of Texas.

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