Loren J. Enns

Director of State Campaigns, BBA Task Force

Author Loren J. Enns is the Director of State Campaigns for the Balanced Budget Amendment Task Force (BBATF)-a 501c4 non-profit organization that has attained 29 of the 34 Article V applications required to call a convention to propose a balanced budget amendment. Loren’s job with the BBATF is to plan and execute a specific strategy for each state which focuses on voter organization/support, positive media coverage, and legislator lobbying/education. He started his career in the Information Technology field where he worked for over 17 years as a Network Engineering Instructor, revealing the latest technologies from Microsoft and Cisco. He is also a Policy Advisor for The Heartland Institute.

Loren became involved in Article V advocacy over a decade ago when he recognized that Washington would never be reformed from within. In order to share that conclusion in an entertaining format, he published The Sword of Liberty (2009)-an action-novel in which the main character leads America to a serious reformation of the U.S. Government via an Article V Convention of States. In order to promote the book and the change it advocated, he hosted a weekly radio show on 540 WFLA in Orlando from 2009 – 2012.  In early 2013 he met members of the BBATF and joined the organization as a volunteer.

During the summer of 2013, Loren recruited legislative sponsors in Florida, organized voter support, and travelled to Tallahassee multiple times-propelling the resolution to final passage in April 2014. Since then, he has given nearly 100 presentations on the issue, organized College Republican support in multiple states, produced a compelling video series, run the BBATF constituent polling/phone-bank/email operation and created educational materials-helping the BBATF to rattle off 11 state Article V applications for a total of 29. In order to reach the 34 states required to call a convention, he has volunteered to leave his job and relocate out West to run the 2017 BBATF campaigns in AZ, ID, MT, WA and WY.

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