Robert Genetski

Forecaster, Investment Advisor

NOTE: Most of Genetski’s recent writing on the economy for the Heartland Daily News can be found here.

Genetski heads and is a popular speaker who entertains thousands of people at conferences and investor meetings around the world each year. He is one of the nation’s premier interest rate forecasters and investment advisors, providing insights to economic, financial, and investment matters.

Genetski is well known for his research and advocacy of classical economic principles. These principles provide a reliable guide to creating both a healthy economy and profitable investment opportunities. He has conducted pioneering research into the role of taxes and their impact on economic prosperity.

In the early 1980s, Genetski correctly forecast that tax cuts would end the nation’s economic malaise by boosting productivity and helping to reduce both inflation and interest rates. In 2001 he accurately explained why interest rates were headed to historically low levels. In 2003 he correctly predicted that tax cuts would dramatically increase economic growth and lead to higher stock prices. In 2007 he told audiences that monetary restraint would create serious problems for the economy and financial markets. And in March 2008, as the Fed was forecasting an economic recovery, he warned the Fed had inadvertently adopted an overly restrictive policy that threatened to lead to a financial collapse.

As a member of Blue Chip forecasters, Genetski has been commended on his ability to out-forecast the pack. He was listed on two separate occasions as the number-one interest rate forecaster in the country, according to Institutional Investor Magazine and Blue Chip Financial Forecasts.

During the course of his career Genetski has served as senior vice president and chief economist for a major Midwest bank and has headed asset management, investment research, and investment banking operations.

Genetski has authored several books and numerous articles. He authored Taking the Voodoo Out of Economics (1986), an influential book that anticipated and shaped many of the major policy changes that are now occurring throughout the world. He is also author of A Nation of Millionaires (1997), published in cooperation with The Heartland Institute, which provides his vision of the changes in government policies that will shape the economic and financial landscape in the twenty-first century. Genetski also wrote Classical Economic Principles & the Wealth of Nations (2011), and Rich Nation, Poor Nation: Why Some Nations Prosper While Others Fail (2017). Genetski gave a presentation about Rich Nation, Poor Nation at a Heartland Institute event (watch it here), and discussed it on the Heartland Daily Podcast (listen here.)

Genetski earned his Ph.D. in economics from and has taught economics at New York University and at the University of Chicago’s Graduate School of Business. He has served on numerous boards of directors and writes a regular column for the Nikkei Financial Daily, Japan’s leading business newspaper.

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