100 Million Examples of Global Warming Absurdity

Published September 27, 2012

It’s desperation time for global warming alarmists. Don’t believe me? Just look at what they’re parading as their best media story right now. They’re in a frenzy this week, crying “The Sky Is Falling!” in light of predictions by a group called DARA that global warming will kill more than 100 million people during the next 18 years and destroy the global economy. Yes, you read that right – global warming will kill more than 100 million people during the next 18 years! The predictions are laughable on their face. Perhaps if the head of some respected scientific organization made such claims, we would chalk up the ridiculous predictions as an early sign of dementia and mercifully decline to report the predictions so as not to embarrass the person as he or she checks out of the real world. But this is not an accomplished scientist or a respected scientific organization making the ridiculous predictions. DARA is an obscure, heretofore irrelevant non-government organization dedicated to guilting people in wealthy nations into forking over money to the rest of the world due to a host of Western Democracy sins, and especially our climate change sins. The problem for DARA is that up until now, nobody has known or cared about the group’s existence. DARA has long been in the lower minor leagues of non-government organizations, assuming there is a lower minor league desperate enough to have them. But DARA, as irrelevant as it was, figured something out. Make ridiculously unsupported global warming claims and big league environmental activist groups will beat a path to your door. In fact, the more ridiculously stupid the claims, the more street cred you will get with environmental activist groups and their liberal media sock puppets. So DARA decided to shoot for the big leagues and out-ridiculous every alarmist global warming prediction the group had ever seen. Not that DARA made any effort to mask its alarmist, redistributionist predispositions. At the very beginning of the DARA paper making the alarmist global warming predictions, the group added a full page containing nothing but the words, “Dedicated To The Innocent Victims of Climate Change.” Now THAT’S an objective scientific study for you! So a heretofore irrelevant activist group with an economic self-interest in selling a global warming crisis absurdly and unverifiably predicts that global warming will cause catastrophic misery and death (over 100 million people killed during the next 18 years!), and the alarmists trumpet it like news of the Apollo astronauts first setting foot on the moon. “Global Warming Wiped 1.2% from Global GDP, May Claim 100 Million Lives,” screams a headline in the International Business Times. “Shocking Study: By 2030, Climate Change Could Kill 100 Million People,” claims Yahoo News. “Climate Change Deaths Could Total 100 Million by 2030 If World Fails to Act,” reads a headline in the Huffington Post. “Climate Change Reducing Global GDP by $1.2 Trillion,” claims a Businessweek headline. It all comes down to credibility. Alarmists claim global warming will kill more than 100 million people during the next 18 years. Based on such an absurd prediction, they want us to trust them to reshape our society and govern the world economy. No thank you – the rest of us live in the real world.